Qa'ada GDG / workshop

Make web Magical with framer-motion

This is a general walk-through through the basics of using framer-motion, we'll see live examples and make our hands dirty by magically putting life in some svgs.

August 21, 2020

Qa'ada GDG Algiers / talk

A path to a Clean Code Qa'ada

A small talk covering the developer's main path of writing a clean, scalable, maintainable and well made code..

February 25, 2020

IWD'19 Algiers / workshop

Git and GitHub

A small talk covering the basics (concepts, commands and workflow).

April 27, 2019

GDG School 2018 / workshop

Understand Android Basics

A small talk covering the basic units of Android development, destined to beginners.

December 14, 2018

DevFest Algiers 2018 / talk, workshop

From an Idea to a prototype

A small talk covering the basic process of UX design and some UI priciples, destined to beginners.

October 25, 2018