About me...

Abderraouf Gattal is an avid Software engineer (MScEng Holder), an ardent UI/UX admirer, an annoyingly passionate photography amateur, a foolish hiker, and extremely a work in progress.

Me in Dubai


Abderraouf is mainly passionate about designing and building software that is human-friendly, clear, purposeful, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and accessible for everyone.
He worked with few companies and a variety of clients including Nkheyar, DZConseil, and PhazeRo. He also took his share of academic research as a 10 months intern at LMCS laboratory covering the subject "Adapting Oriented Objects Refactoring tools with the Android Platform".

He's capable within a wide range of tactical and big-picture leadership and development tasks.


Abderraouf grew a passion towards supporting the local tech communities, something that led him to be the first GitHub Campus Expert in the MENA region (Now Alumni). He worked with several local tech communities including GDG Algiers and WTM Algiers as a Co-Organizer by organizing, mentoring, and animating workshops, talks and competitions in many local and international events, hackathons and online programs.

He is also into gaming (VR Gaming mainly), hiking, camping and for sure photography. He shares a lot of his nature shots on Instagram.


Google Associate Android Developer Certeficate BadgeGoogle Project Managment Specialization Certeficate Badge