GDG Algiers Co-Organizer, a life experience !!!...

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How does it feel to be a GDG Algiers Co-Organizer …

This article was inspired from a slack thread shared with GDG Algiers’ co-organizers on their workspace, The thread suddenly got emotional when everyone started sharing how they felt and lived within GDG Algiers community So I thought sharing that valuable experience of theirs is a must, to tell the world how great and cool at GDG Algiers it is. Gathering testimonials from Co-Organizers of different generations in one article looked like it will be a piece of work to me and here it is…

It is hard to resume my experience with GDG Algiers during the last 4 years in just a few words, but I’d say: “Being part of this international community is the best thing that ever happened to me, I’ve met some amazing people who became my best friends, I’ve developed an international network having friends from all over the world and during my 2 years as a Co-Organizer I had a second Family with whom I shared my days. That’s it … yeah.

Says Nadjib SOUAB

I remember the day last year’s applications — to be a GDG Algiers Co-Organizer were open as if it happened just yesterday. Applying is something I would never regret. I would absolutely go for it again if time goes back, because I’ve gained so much more than what I expected : a team, a family and a lot of motivation. To resume that got me out of my comfort zone…


I have to admit, it was a great experience indeed. It is not about what you can gain from GDG Algiers, but it is the fact that you are always gaining, no matter how . It’s about family, community, knowledge, evolving, adventures, opportunities and the impact you can leave on the world.
No one can tell how it feels unless you feel it yourself. By the end it’ll be something you can’t give up on , that’s the secret behind us saying
GDG for once GDG forever.

Says Abderraouf GATTAL

I’ve joined other tech communities but I’ve never felt that I belonged to them ! I only felt that with GDG Algiers! the best friends I ever made I could make thanks to GDG Algiers !

Everyone was respectful whether towards you as a person or towards your ideas, which I did not find anywhere else ! My Co-Organizers team was a dream team this year ! we argued a lot but no one ever took it personal with the other! We always kept that goal in mind to do cool useful things together !! I’ve never received such support as I did from my mates and my manager Amine!
I took the step to becoming a co-organizer because everyone really made me want to work with them !!

Amine will always be my example of dedication to GDG Algiers, when it comes to work, there were fun times, stressful times , team spirit just made it all awesome !!
I learnt a lot from everyone and from the work I did ! GDG helped me get out, not just off my comfort zone! but off my stressful zone in which I was drowning!! I’m just not the same person I was this time last year !

Says Elbatoul MAZIGHI

To begin with, and for a little background, I was part of the first generation of Co-Organizers. At that time, we didn’t know what to expect from such an experience, and there was no one before in that position to tell us what to do and what not to do, but we took the adventure anyway. And if it were to be repeated, I’d do it all over again, as my friends mentioned above.
Maybe we weren’t practically part of the global GDG community (long story) and we didn’t have the international network that Nadjib is bragging about, neither did we have any of the Google related opportunities (I know I sound like your grandma describing prehistoric ages), but the fact that we were working for something bigger than ourselves always pushed me forward.

I learned that it’s not always about receiving but giving to the community. I learned that if I wanted something to stay in place or grow bigger, I should take it in hand instead of waiting for others to do it. There will never be others, if you don’t take action on your own. That’s why I encourage everyone to challenge themselves and join the adventure. If you really wish all the best for GDG Algiers, if you appreciate the efforts that have been made through generations to give you the best possible experience, if you learned at least one thing or two with GDG Algiers and hope that other people would learn as well, or even if you lived an undesirable experience that you don’t wish other people would go through after you, the opportunity for taking action starts with joining the Co-Organizers team.


GDG Once GDG Forever

As Everyone Says above , being a GDG Co-Organizer is something you should seriously try, you may reach moments when you feel down, tired and even frustrated, but trust me when I say you’ll get the chance to live the best moments of your life, moments when you feel like you are rocking the world, having fun doing what you are passionate about, sharing your struggles with a whole community, doing something that may leave an impact on many people, having the chance to unleash your creativity for a purpose…